Letters to the Editor

Day dock rules need much tighter regulation

Beaufort Downtown Marina's day dock is a wonderful treasure for both locals and transient boaters who wish to stop for a visit to dine at local restaurants and shop at the many unique galleries and retailers only a short walk away. Docking at the marina is free, but there is a growing problem with the dock being cluttered with derelict dinghies that appear to be abandoned and filled with trash. There also is a growing problem with the dock being overused by a few sailboats that appear to be occupied by live-aboards. I drive by almost every day and more often than not, the same sailboats are tied up there, occupying the free dock space that should be reserved for diners and shoppers who only stay for a couple of hours at a time. Our City Council and local officials need to regulate the day dock and eliminate this growing problem. Steve Morgan Lady's Island