Letters to the Editor

Experience not everything in guiding island's future

A recent Packet article discussed Hilton Head Island Town Council experience as a factor in our upcoming mayoral race.

Our current mayor and a succession of councils have done well in the careful development of this island paradise. We are now at a crossroads, where the island is essentially built out. Many of our buildings and homes are not only mature but are hypermature, and some are senescent and in need of renovation. The growth and even the tourism that has served us well in the past may not reliably do so in the future.

We need a mayor who is not only a leader and consensus builder, but also someone with a fresh vision of what our future could and should be. Perhaps some of our island's losses could have been proactively dealt with earlier and maybe the concrete could have already been hard on the airport runway.

The council incumbents kvetch about the inordinately restrictive Land Management Ordinance. Yet they sat as councilmen and watched the rules molder; or they tried to repair them but had insufficient leadership power to accomplish the mission. They run against the LMO, while at the same time presiding over it, wanting to have it both ways.

Likely, these comments are in some particulars unfair, but without wallowing in detail, the time has come for innovative leadership, new skills, unbridled vision and a fresh way of doing business. Experience may simply be a proxy for accomplishing business as usual.

Charles P. DuvallHilton Head Island