Letters to the Editor

Will future be better with GOP in charge?

The political and economic climate has prompted the following:

  • It took years for this country to get into this mess. No one could fix everything that is wrong, or even half of it, in 22 months. Aren't we being unrealistic to expect so much so fast?
  • A person would have to be certifiably insane, extremely confident or deeply compassionate to want to be president. Shouldn't we do everything we can to help that person?
  • If we vote in a Republican majority in Congress, they will want to repeal everything the Democrats have done in the past 22 months, making it all a huge waste of time, money and energy. Isn't that something Republicans are against?
  • If Republicans get back into power and we have to go back to the beginning before going forward, then two years from now, if they are as successful as the Democrats, won't we be in the same spot we are in now?
  • The tea partiers passionately believe we are on the wrong track, but are their solutions products of their brains or their emotions? Do they have any solutions besides getting rid of the old in favor of the new?
  • If we lower taxes and stop funding unemployment benefits and welfare programs, will we be able to ignore the homeless and the hungry? Will our jobs survive without a public who can afford our goods and services? Will we, too, be laid off, foreclosed on, ignored by our government and demoralized?
  • Janet MottolaHilton Head Island