Letters to the Editor

Economic recovery lies in strong private sector

This is a very important election. Correctly or incorrectly, I believe President Barack Obama is the American version of Hugo Chavez, but this election is about jobs, specifically private-sector jobs. Government-paid jobs are necessary and mostly honorable. We need teachers, firefighters, police officers and soldiers. We need infrastructure. The question is, how much are we willing to pay? Economically speaking, every government job probably means the loss of a tax-paying job. Receiving 100 percent of one's salary from the government and returning 20 percent is not the same as receiving nothing from the government and being taxed 20 percent. Because nearly all government entities are deep in debt, it makes good sense on the part of the voter not to elect politicians who are hostile to private enterprise. We need to get jobs and get out of debt. Simple mathematics taken to the extreme show that everybody cannot be working for or receiving benefits from the government. Governments hostile to business and wealth creation will go broke and become dependent upon China to lend us money until they won't. Taxing the government-designated "rich" works only until the taxpayer shelters his businesses or, as this writer did under President Bill Clinton, retires. Sons once followed their dads into the steel mills. They still do, but now these sons are in China. It's morning in America and time to go to work. Vote wisely. Peter F. Zych Hilton Head Island