Letters to the Editor

Let's set record straight on Democratic stances

As we get ready for the momentous vote Tuesday, let's get a few things straight about Democrats: Democrats are just as patriotic as Republicans (or tea partiers). We believe in the capitalist system, but also in regulations to keep big corporations and banks honest. We support the U.S. military, but we also support diplomacy where appropriate. We also support the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." We believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, even including the freedom to concoct outrageous lies about the president. We believe immigrants deserve a place in our nation under a comprehensive immigration reform program, not the unconstitutional Arizona law. We believe in efficient government programs that fund efforts to help those who need help -- children, schools, the hungry, the jobless and seniors (see Social Security). We believe in religious tolerance for all, including those who don't believe. We believe in a women's right to determine what goes on in her womb. We believe all Americans deserve comprehensive health care, not just those who are rich, lucky or seniors (see Medicare). We support the president as a loyal and passionate American who is doing everything he can to bring us out of the terrible morass left by the past administration. Let us stem the tide of hatred, lies, distortions and obstructionism of the right wing. Democrats unite. The fight isn't over. George Kanuck Bluffton