Letters to the Editor

Did Wilson have reason to travel to combat areas?

There have been comments on the appropriateness of Rep. Joe Wilson's travels to the Mideast as a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

This committee has 61 members and seven subcommittees. Members, including those on subcommittees with direct oversight responsibility for the conduct of war, concluded little would be gained by spending the time and money to travel into combat areas.

Wilson serves on the Military Personnel subcommittee, which focuses on personnel policies, health care, education, morale, welfare and recreation. There are a number of military personnel and bases in our state, and it is appropriate that our representative serves as the ranking member of this 15-person subcommittee that oversees, among other things, Tricare.

This subcommittee recently investigated the dental readiness of the reserve component of the military. So was the purpose of Wilson's visit to find whether active-duty National Guard personnel have cavities?

Georgeanne SchoppHilton Head Island