Letters to the Editor

Americans still love herding after rogues

Where is H.L. Mencken when we need him? In 1926, he said, "The mob man, functioning as citizen, gets a feeling that he is really important to the world -- that he is genuinely running things. Out of his maudlin herding after rogues and mountebanks there comes to him a sense of vast and mysterious power, which is what makes archbishops, police sergeants, the grand goblins of the Ku Klux and other such magnificoes happy." The mob man is now a member of the tea party. The mountebanks are Sarah Palin, whose income was $12 million in the first nine months after resigning as Alaska governor; Rush Limbaugh, who Forbes says makes $54 million a year; and Glenn Beck, who Forbes says made $32 million last year. And the grand goblins are the oil companies who fund lobbies that debunk global warming. I find it heartwarming that history repeats itself. Joey Gadak