Letters to the Editor

DeMint action would hurt fair, balanced news

I have to bite my tongue to avoid using the adjectives I think the name Jim DeMint deserves.

The latest headline in the Packet sent chills up my spine. This extreme right-wing autocrat intends to remove public funding for public broadcasting on radio and TV. He blames liberal bias.

Obviously, he has never listened to or observed the broadcasts he would harm.

The truth: Public broadcasting is totally dedicated to fair and balanced news presentations, offering views from both the left and the right. On top of that, they present cultural programs that can be found nowhere else on the air waves.

The Juan Williams firing is consistent with existing National Public Radio policy. It is impossible to be impartial on one network and express adversarial views on another, such as Fox News. Fox, with its array of off-the-wall extreme propagandists, accuses every broadcast facility with fair and balanced reporting of being pinko socialists.

If DeMint gets his way, we will be left with the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, Buchanan and Coulter supporting tea party stormtroopers and the end of balanced news presented by professional journalists.

You might not remember Westbrook Pegler, but he was the epitome of the poison pen in syndication. Now we have a poison tongue, and it is wagging on the Senate floor.

Major ShortHilton Head Island