Letters to the Editor

US political scene good for a laugh

Good grief and little anchovies, Uncle Dud, it's election time and accusations and insults fly like fur in a cat fight as hopefuls press emotional hot buttons to attempt to seduce voters.

Democrats claim Republicans are wrong; Republicans claim Democrats are wrong. The tea partiers think only they are right, and everyone in the country seems to know how to do the president's job except the president. Pretty much what has been going on for the past 235 years.

The tea partiers, the latest of many such loose cannons to trundle onto the pitching political deck, are going to "take back the country" (I thought it belonged to all of us), "straighten out Congress" (that'll be the day) and rewrite the Constitution to reflect only what they believe. Hardly democratic, but then they never claimed to be.

Self-appointed pundits of any political persuasion -- with considerable venom, little insight and none of the responsibility -- claim President Barack Obama has ruined the economy, skyrocketed the national debt, bungled the war on terrorism and failed to cure cancer and warts. But mostly what he has done is continue policies of his predecessor, President George W. Bush, including the retention of Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, just as Bush continued many of the policies of his predecessor, Bill Clinton. And so the electoral tug of war goes on and on.

When I explain this to Uncle Dud, he just laughs, and says, "Ain't that America?"

Ed RaineyHilton Head Island