Letters to the Editor

Single vendor the flaw in town recycling plan

I am 100 percent in favor of recycling, just like most residents of Hilton Head Island. I utilize the recycling center on a weekly basis, as do many residents.

What's right with the proposed ordinance is that it requires recycling by residents who contract for private waste pick-up. What's wrong is that it requires residents who contract for private waste pick-up to use a single vendor and forbids them to use any competing service.

Government should not specify which vendor must be used. Instead, it should specify what recycling standards all approved vendors must follow.

After the election, I will introduce amendments to fix the deficiencies in the proposed ordinance while maintaining the requirement to recycle.

Bill HarkinsWard 2 councilmanHilton Head Island

Editor's note: Harkins is running for re-election to the Ward 2 Town Council seat.