Letters to the Editor

Hold elected officials accountable every day

Operation Restore America is moving ahead to Election Day. The American people are ready, willing and able to take our country back from the socialist leadership in Washington. They do not respect, listen or work for the values that make America exceptional. Here is a list of demands they must follow:

  • Respect the Constitution. You took the oath of office, now follow it or resign.
  • You must work for the people of this great nation, not for the socialist leadership.
  • Repeal health care reform. The present law is unacceptable.
  • Pass laws that take a commonsense approach to the free market system and stimulate small businesses to create permanent jobs with less government control.
  • Write legislation in clear, understandable language. The final version must be posted for 72 hours before voting.
  • Start fiscal integrity immediately, end deficit spending and stay within a budget.
  • Aim for ultimate retirement of the national debt. The federal deficit is more than a trillion dollars and growing.
  • Treat all Americans equally.
  • Protect our borders, enforce immigration laws.
  • Strengthen national defense readiness to prevent terrorist attacks. There have been too many breakdowns in the past two years.
  • The American people must hold elected officials accountable. All Americans should monitor them and question them when they don't do the job. This is an everyday responsibility of citizens to keep the pressure on them to do the job correctly for the people.

    Arthur BroskaSun City Hilton Head