Letters to the Editor

Wilson travels world but learns very little

Your editorial board's interview with U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson contained some stunning revelations that pose genuine questions as to his competency for office.

He stated that he had made four or five trips to Iraq before he first learned "something really horrifying" -- that Sunni and Shiite Muslims are not mere denominations of the same religion but are instead mortal enemies, each believing the other infidels worthy of killing.

We've witnessed nothing but internecine warfare since the Iraq war started, but Wilson, in his own words, hadn't a clue that the Shiites and the Sunnis were and are fighting each other. The Iraqis have had a national election but still can't form a government with this Sunni-Shia mortal conflict.

Wilson has spent too much time traveling the world and learning little, and even that at a slow pace. His record (supporting the bank bailouts, CAFTA, travel expense abuse, ad nauseam) confirms our need for term limits.

William P. HendricksBeaufort