Letters to the Editor

Beaufort should not support Alternative 1

I was part of a small group that recently attended a presentation hosted by Best4Beaufort. This group has gathered a great deal of information regarding the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter squadrons proposed for the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. A few claims made by the group are very disturbing:

  • Beaufort is the only community in the country to not fight the arrival of the F-35s.
  • The Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce has refused to see the Best4Beaufort presentation.
  • Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., is bigger and already has the infrastructure to handle increased flights.
  • All flights from the Beaufort air station pass over residential areas versus the air station at Cherry Point, where only 15 percent do.
  • In areas deemed "crash zones," some homeowners have received notification from their insurance companies that they will no longer have coverage. Some of these crash zones cover big residential developments.
  • We as a community have a choice. Why pick the Department of the Navy's Alternative 1, which does nothing to benefit the area, when we could instead choose Alternative 3, which would keep the military in Beaufort and enhance our economy and culture?

    Even Cherry Point is lobbying against the training squadrons that are part of Alternative 1. Why does Beaufort have to accept the scraps, and why don't elected community leaders see this? Time is running out. The decision will be made in the next two months, and we will have to live with the consequences for years to come.

    Robin KoppernaesBeaufort