Letters to the Editor

Hold Wilson accountable on pledge to create jobs

This is not meant to be a political message aimed at either party. I am simply issuing a challenge to U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson. It is my firm opinion that he will be re-elected come November. The election can't come too soon for me, as I look forward to the day that I won't have to observe his campaign signs -- at least for a few years, anyway.

Here's the deal: He has chosen the campaign name "Joe Means Jobs." Others have selected "Joe You Lie" as an alternative. All who live within his purview should watch closely to determine whether he is successful in his quest to improve the job market for South Carolina residents.

If he effects a positive change, we should honestly and gratefully extend kudos to him for a job well done. However, if the job situation remains at the same disastrous level or continues in its downward spiral, then I suggest we move the "you lie" to the front of "Joe." Then he would be stuck with the moniker of "You Lie, Joe."

Bill Smith Sun City Hilton Head