Letters to the Editor

Fixing government starts with demanding better

We have all heard people say our federal government is broken.

What has not been said loud enough is what you and I, as concerned voting Americans, can do about it.

For starters, we need to vote every congressional incumbent, both Democrat and Republican, out of office, a harsh but necessary step.

Next, those congressional challengers elected must be held to the following standard:

  • Promote an independent, non-partisan atmosphere, addressing our citizen issues in an efficient, commonsense way, while reducing greed and party politics.
  • Insist on term limits.
  • Eliminate or minimize the use of earmarks, lobbyists and political action committees.
  • Enforce federal law. For example, incarcerate or heavily fine employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  • Constructively address, enact and carry out solutions to major long-term problems, such as Social Security, Medicare, taxes and health care.
  • That is a start. If you are part of the silent majority you need to speak up now.

    Voting your conscience and common sense in November can send a message to Washington: Fix our broken government or pay the consequences.

    Earle EverettHilton Head Island