Letters to the Editor

Tea partiers' dismay exploited by perpetrators

The tea partiers realize that their lot in life has not improved in years.

The financial system they admired and thought operated efficiently has proved to be corrupt and shafted them. Corporate executives tea partiers admired have sold out employees, communities and customers by outsourcing and approving one another's obscene compensation packages.

The president doesn't look like them, but sounds far more intelligent than the candidates they've been voting for. They have a vague feeling that a century that began with secret energy deals and then moved into spying on its citizens, torture of its prisoners and a premeditated invasion of another country on false pretenses is not likely to turn out to be an American century.

So what can tea partiers do? They fulminate. And by a twist both ironic and distressing, Karl Rove and the rest of the perpetrators and enablers of all of the above convince them that the only way to correct all of this is to support Republicans.

They'd be better off drinking the Kool-Aid.

Robert Ghirardelli Hilton Head Island