Letters to the Editor

Public trust damaged for Beaufort court, police

Congratulations to Beaufort City Councilman Gary Fordham for having the courage and conviction to at least say the issue of the part-time municipal judge appearing drunk in public warrants further investigation. It seems that the rest of City Hall has pulled out its broom to sweep the matter under the rug. How many of us common people think we would be afforded the same courtesy from the Beaufort Police Department if we were found lying in the street seemingly too intoxicated to communicate, nudged an officer and stumbled away? Do you think you would see the inside of a patrol car and a cell at the detention center? Elected officials and judges are held to a higher standard of accountability. The fact that this matter is being pushed aside damages the public trust in the police department and the municipal court. After all, who can now take them seriously? John Payne Beaufort