Letters to the Editor

Wilson hasn't done much for constituents

After listening to several of U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson's campaign ads, I have to question some of his statements. He claims to have dodged mortar fire, yet in an interview he said he "... followed orders about what to do if we come under mortar attack." That's a far cry from dodging a mortar attack. In fact, he told The Hill, a congressional publication, that the mortars that fell were nowhere near him, and he was never in danger. My conclusion is he was never under fire as he reported. I also listened to his interview with The Beaufort Gazette and The Island Packet editorial board and was surprised, to say the least, that it took him five trips to Iraq to realize that Sunni and Shiites were opposing factions. I would think that a member of the Armed Services Committee would be aware of the conditions in countries in which U.S. troops serve. The key question is: What has Wilson done for his constituents? I read the results of weekly votes cast by all South Carolina representatives, and I haven't found that he's done very much to help the job situation, the economy, tax relief or South Carolina. I've supported Wilson in the past, but find I cannot do so in the future. Charlene Shufelt Lady's Island