Letters to the Editor

Obama makes progress on many critical fronts

In response to your letter writers who inaccurately accuse President Barack Obama and Congress of all sorts of exaggerated ills, might I point out some facts.

In just two years, Obama has:

• Cut taxes for 95 percent of working families and sent stimulus checks to millions of Americans.

• Signed 16 different tax cuts for small businesses, which will stimulate job growth.

• Passed health care reform that will stop insurance companies from denying you coverage or dropping your coverage because you're sick; make preventive care free; and allow our children to stay on our policies until they are 26.

• Made benefits available to pay living expenses for veterans who go to school.

• Passed Wall Street reform that protects consumers and prohibits many of the things that got us into this recession.

• Stopped mortgage lenders from taking advantage of homeowners and stopped credit card companies from hitting you with hidden fees or jacking up your rates without any reason.

• Started investing again in American research and technology for clean energy projects that will protect our environment and create jobs.

• Fixed the student loan system by making loans available directly to students.

• Ended our combat mission in Iraq.

Only you can decide if you want this type of progress to continue when you go to the polls Nov. 2.

Peg SchlichtemeierLady's Island