Letters to the Editor

Views on homosexuals hurtful and ignorant

The opinion expressed in a letter to the editor published Oct. 16 posed great concern for me as the mother of a gay young man. The author writes about "putting boys in harm's way from predatory gay teachers ... . " That is an unbelievably uninformed and cruel statement for someone to make. In The Charlotte Observer editorial the writer referred to, Sen. Jim DeMint did not say that gays are predators. He said that they should not be allowed to teach in our schools; however, in other interviews, he has stated that gays are immoral. The writer seems to conclude that this meant predator. Both DeMint and the letter writer are very ill-informed. Science has, through countless studies, proved that whether a person is gay is determined prior to birth. In other words, being gay is not a choice any more than being left-handed is a choice. How can anyone profess that it is immoral for someone to be what he or she was born to be? And how can anyone make the giant leap to linking being gay to being a predator? Pedophiles, that small segment of our society that preys on young children, are thankfully rare. To place a gay young man in this same category is hurtful, ignorant and thoughtless. Elisabeth Nantz Hilton Head Island