Letters to the Editor

Haley's poor record reason for opposition

I would like to respond to your recent article on the women's vote. It gave the impression that the only reason I did not support Rep. Nikki Haley for governor was because she did not work on women's issues. In a two-page letter I have circulated for Vincent Sheheen, I mentioned many reasons, but not one about women's issues. Some reasons cited were:

Haley did not attend one meeting of her only committee, the Education and Public Works Committee, the entire 2010 session, which indicated a lack of responsibility as well as a lack of interest in education, one of the most important issues in this state.

She was so unproductive and confrontational in working with even her party leaders the S.C. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Sheheen. Though in the majority party, she had only one bill to pass in six years, deregulating hair salons.

She wants to remove corporate taxes but reinstitute grocery taxes.

Her major issue is transparency, but she refuses to release tax information or e-mails, required of all other state government employees, or details of questionable financial arrangements.She campaigned that her accounting background assures fiscal responsibility, but her personal income taxes were not paid on time five years straight. And her business did not pay taxes withheld from employees, a crime that would make anyone else ineligible for any state job.

Yes, I have tried to attract more women to run for office, but I only support qualified candidates whose records I trust.

Harriet KeyserlingBeaufort