Letters to the Editor

GOP in power means years of no progress

What Americans can look forward to when the Republican Party regains power in November:

  • More questions over President Barack Obama's birth certificate, taking the case to the Supreme Court if necessary, wasting two years to do so.
  • Lawsuits over the health care law, costing more then it would have cost if the law had been fully implemented.
  • Lawmakers continuing to vote "no" to anything Obama tries to do, even if it is something really good for the country.
  • Lawmakers continuing to investigate ACORN, instead of getting the economy going.
  • Sarah Palin will declare victory and continue to campaign as she's been doing since 2008. As for jobs, Republicans will say that nothing can be done until Obama leaves office.

    The tea party will declare victory and keep protesting. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be accomplished in the next two years. We will all be in the same situation two years from now, and the GOP will say they need more time to fix things.

    Congratulations GOP, you have us convinced that 2000 to 2008 never happened, and Bill Clinton was the real cause of our problems. Mission accomplished.

    Lawrence MianowskiHilton Head Island