Letters to the Editor

Evidence of decency still to be found today

In a world of terrorism, brutality and greed, there is a ray of humanity, decency and good will.

As we watched the fate of 33 miners trapped 2,000 feet below the earth's surface, struggling and hoping to survive, we witnessed the cooperation of science, technology and medicine from 40 countries bring them to safety. We saw the miracle occur one life at a time. What an incredible scene it was seeing the joy of freedom and the love of families and fellow miners.

When a mother of young children, stricken with a terrible disease, makes an appeal for matching bone marrow and more than 2,000 donor volunteers give samples, there is incredible compassion and good will.

It reinforces my belief in human decency in spite of cruelties and barbarism evident in today's world.

Allen KupferBluffton