Letters to the Editor

Wilson misleading about Medicare plans

I recently saw a very misleading ad for Rep. Joe "You Lie" Wilson that showcased scared senior citizens worrying about cuts to their Medicare and other features of the new health care law.

The fact is the cuts are only to Medicare Advantage plans. These are plans offered by private insurance companies that are subsidized by taxpayers at a cost to taxpayers of 14 percent to 15 percent more than regular Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans were devised by Republicans when President George W. Bush sought to privatize Medicare and were one more way that Republicans could reward their wealthy friends, this time those in the health insurance business.

All President Barack Obama wants to do is stop the taxpayer subsidy to these private plans. Sort of like stopping welfare for senior citizens who signed up for the Medicare Advantage plans.

As for the rest of the health care law, who wouldn't want people to be protected from losing health insurance if a job is lost? Who wouldn't want people to regularly go to a doctor rather than ending up in the emergency room at an enormous cost to everyone? Who wouldn't want insurers to be unable to toss people from plans when they get sick and really need care?

Barbara TempleBeaufort