Letters to the Editor

Put expanded airport in your own backyard

What makes an airport so sacred that once in place, it can't be relocated? Families move when they outgrow their homes, businesses move to better locations where the market is, why not an airport? Or is this too simple a solution?

There's a lot to argue for moving Hilton Head Island Airport. Originally, the airport was to be located elsewhere -- in Sea Pines. Land still exists there to accommodate the airport.

From the responses to the airport's draft master plan, there's a large contingent of folks in Sea Pines who support extending the runway to 5,400 feet. Its Beaufort County Council representative, Town Council and mayoral candidates are avid supporters of the extension. Perhaps we should give them what they want. At least the letters to the editor would stop and there would be peace, at last, on the island.

It can be done. With the influence the Sea Pines contingent seems to have on Town Council members, County Council members and candidates for office, nothing is beyond their ability to muster support. And if any other community wants the runway extended, let them speak up. But please, spare us if you're just someone else who supports the extension and wants others to sacrifice their peace and quiet, but you don't want it in your backyard.

Fran WhiteHilton Head Island