Letters to the Editor

Better ways to address how people get to island

After attending two forums for Hilton Head Island mayoral candidates and following all of the candidate's ads, writings and small meetings, I must say statements about the Hilton Head Island Airport are still not correct. The national news has reported statistics on how there are fewer airplanes in the skies -- period. It is not our airport; people are driving more. That is not going to change with electric cars on the horizon and more hybrids on the roads. We do not need to lengthen the airport's runway for private and corporate jets, which seems to be the real issue. They can fly into Savannah. And honestly, our chamber of commerce could benefit from starting an elite shuttle service with a hybrid bus, or it could at least encourage an existing shuttle service to do so. Another hybrid rental car business could do well here, and both would promote the eco-tourism we need on our beautiful island. Also, enough already with all the criticism of our town government. How about talking about new, more forward-thinking concerns? Deborah Boyd Hilton Head Island