Letters to the Editor

County’s own DNA lab will raise level of justice

It was such encouraging news to read about the proposed DNA and drug lab that could be in operation in Beaufort County as early as the end of this year. The amount of money required to start a lab does not seem unreasonable when the end results are considered.

Enormous sums of tax dollars are being spent “here and there” on various causes, and we citizens are often in disagreement as to how and where those dollars go, but every one of us in Beaufort County is subject to criminal activity. Our tourist business is negatively impacted by incidents of crime. Often there is no justice for the victims of these crimes, or if there is, it may be very late in coming.

Technology using DNA evidence can solve all types of crimes. Cases that often took months or years can be solved within weeks. Many lives could have been saved if DNA had been used to catch serial killers. DNA evidence does not lie. It cuts to the chase and justice is served. DNA evidence not only brings the criminal to justice, but also can acquit and absolve the wrongly accused.

Hopefully, every law-abiding citizen in Beaufort County will be supportive of this lab. It not only will serve to convict and incarcerate criminals, but it also will probably deter and reduce crime in our county.

I commend Sheriff P.J. Tanner for his efforts to bring a DNA crime lab to Beaufort County.

Patricia YoumansBeaufort