Letters to the Editor

Letter: Take a moment to look up and enjoy

Recently while in several airports, I noticed that everyone was looking down. Looking down while riding the escalator, waiting for their flight and even when walking outside to their pickup ride. What causes all this is cell phones, emails and iPads.

I always look up because I do not want to miss the lovely young mother hugging her children, the couple holding hands while waiting for coffee and all the military folks carrying their very large backpacks. One was holding a wrapped present as though it was gold. I thought that this service man was most likely not spending the holidays with his loved ones. I said a prayer that God keeps them safe.

I am all for modern technology, but it has gone a bit far. I am a fan of the human touch. Whenever I depart an airport, I look up to the sky and give thanks for another safe trip and breathe in the air.

I say that if all these folks embraced their loved ones as much as they push the buttons on these phones, they would be healthier and happy. If they looked up, they would see some of the most interesting folks and even learn from watching them.

One of my favorites is when someone greets their mate, and they embrace each other. And I'm sure that long after I pass by, they are still embracing. Love is a many splendid thing, much more than a cell phone which you cannot smile at or hug.

Maureen Glynn Wilson