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Develop Bay Point Island as eco-tourism? I call it ‘eco-terrorism’ | Letters

Bay Point Island is an island of sand and grasses located at the mouth of Port Royal Sound, morphing with the continual cycle of waves, tides and tropical storms that have shaped the Atlantic coastline. Just as an armed sentinel marches before the palace gate, so have the shifting sands of Bay Point Island continually transported themselves as a sacrificial buffer to the fierce power of the wind, waves and tidal currents that daily power into and out of Port Royal Sound.

Bay Point Island is home to thousands of wetland birds, providing shelter and nesting areas for federally-protected species of birds. The S.C. Audubon Society estimates that as many as 8,000 migratory coastal birds can be observed on Bay Point Island on certain days, including endangered piping plovers.

The stilted houses of neighboring Hunting Island fell into the Atlantic, despite efforts to shore them up, leaving tons of asphalt and concrete littering Hunting Island Beach. Other regional beaches are examples of how rip-rap, groins, breakwaters and bulkheads, if not properly employed, cause accelerated erosion. Nearby, Harbor Island beach replenishment failed, with homes falling into the sea and sand accumulated where it was never intended.

The presumed developer of Bay Point Island claims a right to develop this marshland in the name of eco-tourism. Installing any hardscapes or infrastructure on that ocean-facing island constitutes acts of eco-terrorism!

When a man develops an island, if he gets it wrong, he ends up in the sea.

Fereol de Gastyne

North Charleston

Joe Biden getting worse

I wrote a letter to the editor titled, “Joe Biden: Hang ’em up” that was published on June 26. My premise was that Biden has a lot of political baggage, he is out of step with the neo-socialist Democrats who are opposing him, and that he missed his best chance for a run for the White House in 2016.

Since then, there has been a turn for the worse. In recent public appearances, the former vice president has exhibited extreme senior moments. He was not sure in which decade the Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy assassinations took place, he said that he was in office when the Stoneman High School shootings occurred, he thought he was in Vermont when he was actually in New Hampshire, and so on. This is painful to watch.

Biden reminds me of an aging, punch-drunk boxer who just wants one more chance at the big prize. It would be good to remember him as nice, touchy-feely guy who most of America liked ... not as an old, washed up politician.

So I will say it again. My humble advice for Joe: “Hang ’em up old man ... it’s over.”

J. Dexter Pickard


Hurricane Dorian acts of kindness

It was nice to have nice neighbors during Hurricane Dorian.

Our hero, Rick Collins, with his powerful leaf blower, blew our walkway and driveway and didn’t stop there. He continued to blow the neighbors’ driveways on Bobcat Lane.

Our great neighbors, Bob and Lori Arsenault, checked on us and offered their help, no matter the hour, or the need.

We are so lucky to have them as next-door neighbors.

Verna Stevens

Hilton Head Island

A Dorian bright spot

Really glad the Toddler in Chief didn’t nuke Hurricane Dorian.

Gary Sarner


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