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Clemson, can you read, or count to $93M?

On a recent trip to a local supermarket, I found myself behind a man dressed head to toe in Clemson regalia. When I asked if he was a Clemson fan he replied that not only was he a fan but he and his wife were Clemson graduates. He also informed me that all his kids would be Clemson graduates.

Considering the fact that I was in the “10 items or less” line and this man had the cashier run 17 items through the register, it would seem to me that Clemson would be better served by spending $93 million on remedial math and basic English skills so that graduates could count to 10 and read simple signage instead of spending it on a football coach contract.

Juxtapose this article with the one on Page 1 where teachers demand better pay and working conditions, and consider that our local public school system is only one of a statewide feeder system to Clemson, and you kind of get an idea that the South Carolina public school system is broken.

Arthur V. Martin


Hilton Head kids question reusable plastic

I have a wonderful and observant fourth-grade class. When students notice an issue or a concern they believe in taking action.

The current concern is the ordinance that was passed intended to prevent “single-use plastic bags” on Hilton Head Island.

Students thought this was a terrific way to protect our environment as well as the amazing wildlife on the island.

It seems the intent was to use re-usable cloth bags or paper bags. Unfortunately, students have found stores avoiding this practice by using “reusable plastic bags that can be washed and re-used 125 times.”

Apparently, these bags are made from natural gas and not oil. Do the dolphins, turtles and other wildlife know this? Will they not suffocate in this plastic bag?

The bag has a written warning that states “Danger of suffocation. Keep away from pets.”

Our class would love it if someone in the community could clarify how this issue is helping our special, unique island.

Karen Roscioli

Hilton Head Island

Do not park on blue stripes

Twice recently I have parked in a handicap spot using a valid handicap sticker issued to my husband, who uses a wheelchair. These have been the spots next to an area with diagonal blue lines, which is not a parking spot but an area with no curb so you can push a wheelchair or walker up it.

Both times, someone has parked over the blue diagonal lines. This accomplished two things: I had no access to roll the wheelchair to the car down the ramp, and I was unable to get my husband in the car.

The first was Mr. Amateur Radio, according to the license plate on a vehicle that also had a handicap sticker. The second time was a U.S. Postal Service truck.

Please pay attention when you are parking and do not park in the area with diagonal blue lines. It is not a parking spot, handicap or regular. It is difficult enough dealing with a wheelchair. You don’t need to make it more difficult.

Pat Bender

Hilton Head

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