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Tiger Woods, repentance and redemption

Tiger Woods was never my favorite golfer. However, except for Jack Nicklaus, he was the best golfer in the world for almost two decades of my long lifetime.

Tiger’s personality was strongly shaped by his father, I suspect, and sadly, not for the better. Nevertheless, in the last 10 years, Tiger has been through one crisis after another.

From these adversities he has emerged a remarkably changed man. This was recognized by the crowd who followed him on every hole in the Masters, by the joyous throng who greeted him at the 18th hole on the final day, and especially by his many fellow champions who were there warmly applauding his victory.

“Repentance” is normally used in a religious context, although it is not fundamentally a religious notion. From its Greek root, it simply means “to turn around.” To repent is to take a new direction in life, because the old direction was injurious to everyone, most of all to the one who repents.

Tiger has been redeemed. Clearly he is a new man. I cheered his every good shot over four days, and bewailed his rare bad ones. I am now a full-fledged fan. Goooooo, Tiger!

The Rev. John M. Miller

Hilton Head Island

Beto sounds good in Bluffton

I heard Beto O’Rourke in Bluffon on Friday. Here is how he is going to raise his visibility and make a strong run for the Democratic nomination and ultimately beat President Donald Trump.

He is young, dynamic, articulate, and with a strong message that goes beyond party lines and identity politics. Yes, he is a white male, but his message encompasses all Americans.

He has a healthy respect for diversity and difference, with a strong message for the need of all Americans coming together in pursuit of the “common good.”

His responses to questions from a very diverse audience (young and old, of all colors, gender, and ethnicity) showed a great knowledge and understanding of the issues, with answers that also demonstrated an action-oriented, practical, bipartisan approach to solutions. It was not the usual banal platitudes or divisive slogan responses often offered by most aging politicians in both parties.

I hope that more Americans have the opportunity to hear him and make their own judgment as to whether he would make a great president, e.g. a president who will first bring the country together and then serve the “greater good” for all of us.

His message reminds me of a former governor of Pennsylvania and a great conservationist, Gifford Pinchot, who said that all political leaders should be guided by the principle of “the greatest good, for the greatest number, over the long run.”

Beto asked the audience to help him accomplish for our generation what “the Greatest Generation” accomplished for us.

Ed Williams


Yes, the FBI spied — on Russians

Are the Democrats blind? Attorney General William Barr gave them a wide-open door and the Dems apparently don’t see it.

Barr, in his testimony to Congress, claimed that there was “spying” in the presidential campaign. The truth is, of course, a little more nuanced than that.

With a significant number of sketchy Russian drifters loitering around, many with strong connections to the Kremlin, the FBI did what the FBI is supposed to do: it monitored and followed them to discern what they were up to.

In doing their job, they followed several Russians into the Donald Trump campaign, where they were consorting with high-ranking Trump campaign officials, several of whom have been indicted and convicted of various crimes associated with these contacts.

There was spying in the campaign. The FBI was spying on the Russians who were conspiring with the Trump campaign.

If AG Barr wants to make hay of this, the Democrats should invite him to do so. Why haven’t the Dems called him out on this? Are they blind?

Brian McWilliams

Hilton Head Island

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