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Hey, Dems. Joe Biden is not the problem. He’s your best bet

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Biden Courage Awards Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in New York.
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Biden Courage Awards Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in New York. AP

Joe Biden — the prospective Democratic presidential candidate with the best chance of defeating Donald Trump in 2020 — is being hounded by the political-correctness police in the Democratic Party about his being too “hands on” in his relationships with women.

To date, no one has accused Biden of sexual assault, but rather of hugging and “invading women’s space inappropriately.” Biden says that he never meant to make women feel uncomfortable, and added that he is sorry when he did, and that he will be more sensitive to the issue in the future.

Rather than attacking their own for insufficient political correctness, Democrats should be pointing out that Donald Trump, a self-admitted sexual predator, is in addition a compulsive liar, a bully, a bigot, a great admirer of dictators, a terrible negotiator, and narcissist who lacks empathy, knowledge and intellectual curiosity.

What Democrats should be talking about is the level of corruption in the Trump administration and in their election efforts; the ever-widening economic gulf between the haves and the rest of Americans; climate change, and all the “natural” disasters that have been happening; policy decisions on the border that separate families and put children in cages; health care, and Republicans inability to produce the “something great” that Trump keeps promising.

I believe that a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket — perhaps with Biden saying he would only serve one term — would be the strongest possible Democratic slate.

Frank Flaumenhaft

Hilton Head Island

The world’s greatest lie: Global warming is our fault

Hundreds of years ago, North America was covered with over 1,000 feet of ice. Since then, obviously, the ice melted. No doubt it melted because the earth warmed. However, it did not warm because of an increase in man-made global warming or an increase in carbon in the atmosphere. Since the beginning of time the earth has cooled and warmed over and over again. And, no doubt it will do so again.

Probably the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the world’s population is forcing us to believe that this current cycle of global warming is our fault.

The amount of carbon dioxide that we pump into our vast atmosphere is but a rounding error, percentage wise. Yet those on the left want all of us to believe it is our fault.

It is interesting to observe that most of those who believe in man-made global warming are liberals and those who do not are conservatives. Draw your own conclusions on that.

To prove a point, please Google “The myth of global warming.” When I did, I stop counting at 110. There were pages and pages more.

We will always need carbon-based products, yet we are expected to believe in destroying the world economy based on scientifically unproven opinions. Really?

Please do not be deceived. Do your own research.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island

Lindsey Graham degrading the office

I would like to remind Lindsey Graham that he is a United States senator. He is not an employee of the Trump Organization. His conduct is unbecoming and damaging to our democracy. Graham has a duty to provide meaningful oversight of the executive, not attack the president’s political opponents. His behavior is eroding our trust in government and the very important mechanism of separation of power. Graham is embarrassing our state and degrading his office. If he doesn’t care about how damaging his conduct is to our nation, at least he should consider the long-term consequences it will have on his party.

Lisa Lemen

Hilton Head Island

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