Letters to the Editor

Let’s build a truly modern, connected, and collaborative community

David Lauderdale suggests the truest observation made by the Town of Hilton Head Island’s visioning consultant is that Hilton Head has relentlessly pursued excellence (“Hilton Head is loud, pushy. But so what?” Feb. 25). He cites accomplishments that occurred despite skeptics and naysayers.

However, that analysis misses the consultant’s most important recommendation, which is to build a more connected and collaborative community.

In many ways, our community is already highly connected and collaborative, and many of our neighbors like things just the way they are.

However, those of us who believe we can do better should take it upon ourselves to work together to achieve our shared objectives — without attempting to impose our will upon others.

Our predecessors achieved a lot, but given modern communication and collaboration tools, we can do much more … if only we have the wisdom and commitment. By relentlessly pursuing excellence in the realization of shared objectives, we can distinguish Hilton Head as the world’s first and foremost truly connected community.

The first step is to work with the visioning team to flesh out the broader goal by specifying near-term objectives to acquire, develop, and use the necessary tools. Such tools should enable each of us to identify our own proposed public objectives, discover others who share them, and work more efficiently and effectively together to achieve them.

Are you willing to join the quest? If so, please let the visioning team know. One way or another, the results will speak for themselves.

Owen Ambur

Hilton Head Island

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