Letters to the Editor

Letter: Time to help the less fortunate

So many of us were in that “angel bubble” that was mentioned in your paper and escaped with just a cleanup mess in our yards.

Given the huge amount of damage that our working poor on the island suffered, both to their homes and to their income, we decided to make a donation in the amount of our insurance deductible to the Deep Well Project, which is helping these folks with money for repairs to their homes, restocking their lost food, paying their rent, etc.

We figured this was money we would have had to spend had a tree come down in our house or yard. Where we dodged the bullet, we wanted the money we saved by not having to pay a tree cutter or repairs to our home to help others. May we suggest to others on the island who were fortunate enough to have escaped with minimal or no harm to our homes, that we make a donation to Deep Well or other charity helping those not so fortunate.

Theresa and Harvey Varnet

Hilton Head Island