Letters to the Editor

Letter: Clinton Foundation doing great things

As one of the 300,000 contributors to the Clinton Foundation, I know the good work it does all over the world, and it saddens me that it should now be compromised in any way. The foundation has already improved more than 430 million lives in more than 180 countries. And none of the Clintons take any salary for their work with the foundation.

The foundation pursues its mission through partnerships with governments, the private sector, other foundations, and philanthropists, to create networks that focus on results. Some of their ongoing efforts are:

▪  More than 11.5 million people in over 70 countries now have access to lifesaving HIV/AIDS drugs at 90 percent lower cost.

▪  18 million students in over 31,000 American schools have healthier food and more physical activity options.

▪  Clinton Health Access Initiative trains thousands of health care workers to address shortages in poor countries and expand access to high-quality, low-cost treatment.

▪  In Haiti, the foundation promotes sustainable investment by planting more than 5 million trees, developing new agricultural supply chains benefiting more than 4,000 small farms, and supporting small entrepreneurial businesses.

▪  The foundation works with pediatricians, community leaders, churches and educators to provide parents with resources to support young children’s early brain and language development, and have reached 155,000 parents with tips through direct text messages.

The Clinton Foundation brings together leaders from across sectors around the world not just to talk about challenges, but to commit to actually doing something about them. Isn’t this what we need more of?

Peg Schlichtemeier

Lady’s Island