How is traffic on I-95 and I-26 right now?

Posted by Jeff Shain

As of 10:30 a.m., there were no reports of I-95 congestion all the way from the South Carolina-Georgia line to Interstate 26. But that could change as the day goes on and more people try to get back to their homes.

“As people being to migrate, we expect congestion is going to begin to build,” said Ryan Cole of the South Carolina Department of Transportation. “We’re already starting to see a little on I-26 out of Columbia.”

For those whose return route includes I-26, the buildup is south of Columbia where I-26 and I-77 come together. “That will build during the day,” Cole said, but for now the rest of the route is clear.

Capt. Bob Bromage of the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office also reports no congestion closer to home.

“People are urged to take their time and drive safely,” Bromage said. “There are still problem areas we’re working to resolve.”

SCDOT is encouraging motorists to use their new website and mobile app to check real-time conditions.

If you have a question about the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew or the return to Beaufort County, click here.