What is the status of Coastal Carolina Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital?

Posted by Joan McDonough

Coastal Carolina Hospital announced that it has resumed operations of its Emergency Department as of noon on Sunday, according to PR and Marketing Manager Lydia Hill. Other departments remain closed for now.

Hilton Head Hospital is still closed, but teams are working with the Town of Hilton Head to schedule the restoration of emergency service, Hill said.

Both Coastal Carolina Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital sustained “minimal structural damage,” Hill said, but “significant challenges to restoring services still exist.”

“We are currently evaluating each situation and are committed to providing a safe environment for our colleagues and medical staff to deliver care to our patients,” she said. “We are working around the clock to restore partial services as quickly as possible.”

Joel Taylor, the new CEO of Coastal Carolina Hospital said via press release that the hospital will continue to open other departments throughout the week pending further inspection.

“We are committed to creating a safe environment for our patients to receive care,” he said. “We are deeply grateful to our colleagues, physicians, and emergency response personnel for their tireless support during Hurricane Matthew and we will continue to update you on the opening of additional services.”

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