Sunday storm center: Have a question about Hurricane Matthew? We’re here to help

Posted by Liz Farrell

A toppled palmetto tree rests on Craven Street on Oct. 8, 2016. The tree was brought down by the winds of Hurricane Matthew.
A toppled palmetto tree rests on Craven Street on Oct. 8, 2016. The tree was brought down by the winds of Hurricane Matthew.

In the spirit of helping others during a time of emergency, The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette would like to hear from you.

If you have a Hurricane Matthew-related question or information you think would be important or helpful to share with others in the aftermath of the storm, please email, comment on this story below or direct message us on the Packet’s Facebook page or the Gazette’s Facebook page.

We will post links to each question here as we answer them, so bookmark this page for the latest information.

Re-entry questions

▪  I live on Hilton Head Island, Lady’s Island or a barrier island. Can I come home?

▪  I evacuated but I want to come back so I can help my neighbors in Bluffton. Can I?

▪  What will happen if I try to re-enter Bluffton even though the evacuation order hasn’t been lifted?

▪  Is I-95 still flooded in places or is it open for travel?

▪  How can Beaufort County business owners reopen faster?

▪  I have a re-entry pass. Am I allowed to come home now?

▪  We want to go home. Can we return today?

▪  Is it true that if we leave Beaufort County, we won’t be allowed in again today?

▪  Is there an estimate for when I-95 in the Lowcountry will be cleared and open to traffic?

▪  Will there be checkpoints and an ID requirement to return to Beaufort County?

▪  What do you know about my home and when I can re-enter Beaufort County?

▪  Will evacuations be lifted for specific areas as warranted or be lifted for all areas at the same time?

▪  When will it be OK to return to Hilton Head Island?

▪  How will I know when it’s safe to come home?

Questions about damage

▪  Where can I read more about the cleanup and recovery effort?

▪  Where can I see more photos of the damage?

▪  Is there video of the Sea Pines damage?

▪  Is there a map that shows the overall damage left by Hurricane Matthew?

▪  What do the beaches on Hilton Head Island look like?

▪  Has anyone heard anything about Palmetto Dunes?

▪  I’ve heard there are aerial photos of Sea Pines. Where can I see those?

▪  What is Sea Pines like?

▪  What is the damage like at Hilton Head Boathouse?

▪  What is the status of the Harbor Island bridge for anyone needing to return to Harbor or Fripp islands?

▪  Do you know anything about these streets and neighborhoods?

▪  Was the Cross Island Parkway on Hilton Head damaged?

▪  Is it true Palmetto Bay Marina is gone?

▪  Hurricane damage neighborhood by neighborhood

▪  Do you know who can assist with removing trees from a house, so that personal items can be retrieved?

▪  Any information about Daufuskie Island?

▪  Is it true there’s been damage to the bridges to Hilton Head Island?

▪  Any idea how much storm surge Hilton Head has encountered?

General concerns

▪  What have you heard about the VA Medical Center in Charleston?

▪  When do schools expect to reopen?

▪  Is there another curfew tonight?

▪  How much notice will parents be given before schools reopen?

▪  When will the Savannah airport reopen?

▪  What was it like for the people who didn’t evacuate?

▪  I’ve heard about water contamination. Where is this?

▪  What are some safety tips to know about using my generator?

▪  I keep seeing reports of possible looters on Facebook. What does law enforcement say?

▪  Will students have to make up the days they’re missing because of Hurricane Matthew?

▪  What happened to the 100 people who wouldn’t evacuate Daufuskie Island?

▪  Since there is so much flooding, will the alligators leave the lagoons and be loose on the flooded streets?

▪  I haven’t heard from my loved one who stayed behind. Is there someone I can call?

▪  I received an email about my power outage. Is this a scam?

▪  Is it true someone was shot to death during the storm?

▪  Does U.S. 278 pick back up west of I-95?

▪  Is Harley the Clydesdale safe?

If you are in Beaufort County ...

▪  If the hurricane knocked out the traffic lights, do I still have to stop?

▪  Where can I get groceries in Beaufort County?

▪  What is the status of Coastal Carolina Hospital and Hilton Head Hospital?

▪  Is it true the Piggly Wiggly at Coligny has reopened?

▪  When will Beaufort Memorial Hospital reopen?

▪  What’s the update on drinking water for Sunday?

▪  When will we have gas again in Beaufort County?

▪  When will the Our Lady’s Pantry in Beaufort reopen?

▪  My home is uninhabitable. Is it too late to go to a shelter?

▪  I’m a BJWSA customer. Is it safe to drink the water?

▪  I received an email about my power outage. Is this a scam?

▪  Who should I call to report utility outages?

▪  Which shelters are still open and do they have enough room for more people?

▪  Will there be a power station set up to charge phones, computers?

▪  How many people stayed on Hilton Head Island?

▪  Have USPS, UPS and FedEx services been suspended?

▪  What are the reasons people don’t evacuate when advised to do so?

▪  Is the Hilton Head Hospital emergency room open?

▪  Can I seek shelter at local schools, including Bluffton Middle and Okatie Elementary?

▪  Can I bring my service dog with me to the shelter?

▪  What items should I bring to a shelter?

If you are still evacuated ...

▪  I evacuated to East Tennessee and I’m wondering if I-95 is accessible from I-26.

▪  I’ve heard that parts of I-95 are closed. Which parts?

▪  When will lanes traveling east on I-16 in Georgia open? When can I return to Savannah?

▪  Can you recommend a webcam to view St. Helena Island?

▪  I’m a small-business owner and I evacuated. What do I need to know?

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