Is everyone boarding up their homes? Can you refer anyone?

Posted by Liz Farrell

Here’s the situation on boarding up homes: If you didn’t make arrangements with a handyman before today, it’s unlikely you’ll find one available to help. Many have contracts with homeowners and residential communities to help put up shutters or plywood or already have jobs.

You might have some luck putting out an ISO on Facebook pages such as Bluffton/Hilton Head Ask and Answer.

Hardware stores are closing before the evacuation today so there isn’t much time to measure and cut wood for windows and doors if you want to do so yourself.

If you have the materials to board up your home, though, Matt Taylor of Taylor Long-Term on Hilton Head Island, said, “I think it’s a good idea they called the evacuation when they did, but there’s still plenty of time (to get your house boarded up).”

A quick drive around Bluffton on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning showed few homes boarded up. The fast call for an evacuation might mean that people tried to get out of town as soon as possible and have forgone the boarding-up process, or they might be planning to board up their homes as the day goes on.

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