Today's Beaufort County weather and extended outlook (Nov. 6)

Good morning! An extended period of cloudy, rainy weather is upon us. Here's what to expect:

Today will be mostly cloudy with a 25 percent chance of rain around the region. It was 70 at sunrise and AccuWeather predicts a high of 79.

Saturday will be very similar, with a high around 79 and cloudy, but with a much lower chance of rain. Just 7 percent of the area is likely to see any precipitation. Things change Sunday, when rain chances go up to 55 percent, and Monday, when they are at 65 percent with the possibility of thunderstorms to boot.

By Tuesday, the chance of rain drops to 40 percent.

High temperatures after Saturday will drop to the mid-60s through Monday, then climb into the low 70s Tuesday.

As always, this is not an exact science and these percentages will rise and fall as weather systems approach in time and proximity, so stay tuned.

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