South Carolina

Police: Woman bites tongue off assault suspect

A woman told police her teenage son had his tongue bitten off -- which allowed police to charge him with sexual assault when a woman reported separately that she had bitten the tongue off a man who tried to attack her, according to Charleston television station WNCN.

The 33-year-old woman called police from a North Charleston gas station Friday morning. She told them that half an hour earlier she'd heard a knock on her door, but found no one outside. A second knock drew her onto her porch, where she saw the suspect with a knife. She said he forced her into the house, tackled her and punched her.

She said he then carried her into a bedroom and threatened to kill her before forcing his tongue into her mouth. She said when he tried to rape her, she bit down as hard as she could until "she heard it snap," the TV station reported. She told police she spit the attacker's tongue out of her mouth and threw it on the kitchen floor before fleeing the house.

When the suspect's mother called emergency services about his tongue injury, she directed police to a Waffle House, and he was arrested there as a suspect in the attack. He received medical attention at Trident Hospital. The report did not say if the tongue, which investigators found at the crime scene and put on ice, could be reattached.