South Carolina

Voter Voices: Superintendent of Education

– Ted Chalgren, 68, civil engineer, Columbia

“Meka Childs. I have a grandchild who has special needs and I hope she will do something about the problem.”

Magdalena Suber, 60, sales, Columbia

“Sheila C. Gallagher (I’m a) straight Democrat. Always have been . . . because I like the Democrats. I like the things that they do, I like the things that they want to do. They represent. Pretty much the way I was born and raised ... Democrat.”

Rossilyn Hiller, 46, home health care, Lexington

“Molly Spearman. She’s for fairness in the classroom for the teachers.”

Patsy Harper, 67, substitute teacher, Riverland Park

“Molly (Spearman) She’s concerned about the welfare of the children as well as the teachers – the whole school system.”

Mary Terry, 76, retired, Riverland Park

Compiled by USC journalism student Anthony De Coro