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Attack at SC school sends assistant principal to hospital with head injury, officials say

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A student punched and headbutted an assistant principal at a K-8 school in South Carolina, sending her to the hospital with a concussion, a school official said, according to WCBD.

The fifth-grade boy at Liberty Hill Academy in North Charleston attacked the assistant principal Wednesday when she was trying to stop him from attacking another student, according to the school, WCIV reports. The 11-year-old also hurt a teacher when she tried to intervene, the TV station said.

In an email from administrators to the school board, an official said the 11-year-old “punched (the assistant principal) in the face and head-butted her,” according to WCSC.

A police officer who watched school video of the attack wrote that “without hesitation, (the student) jumped in the air propelling his head towards her face area,” WCSC reports. When the assistant principal tried to get control of the student, he “swung and hit her on top and side of her head,” the station said.

Both school employees went to the hospital, WCBD reported, and an official said in the email that the assistant principal was “incoherent and had memory loss” from the head injury.

Police charged the boy with “third degree assault and battery,” WCIV reports, and the school considers the attack an aggravated assault.

“Per district policy, the student must serve 5-10 days of out-of-school suspension, and also be recommended for expulsion,” WCIV said.

Liberty Hill Academy is an alternative school with students from kindergarten through eighth grade, according to WCBD.

Liberty Hill Academy strives to provide its learners with a safe, structured environment, which enables learners to grow socially, make gains in their academics, and display positive behavior,” the school notes on its website.

“Our primary goal is to provide learners with educational and therapeutic experiences that will enhance his or her personal development,” the school says.

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