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7-year-old, mother shot as Midlands man opened fire at car with his kids inside, cops say

X’Zavier Sharif Davis is facing four counts of attempted murder for shooting at his children and others, the Newberry County Sheriff's Office said.
X’Zavier Sharif Davis is facing four counts of attempted murder for shooting at his children and others, the Newberry County Sheriff's Office said. Newberry County Sheriff's Office

A Midlands woman and her 7-year-old child were shot Saturday as a South Carolina man opened fire at the car they were in, the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office said. Two of the suspect’s children were also in the car, officials said.

The shooting occurred after a “domestic argument,” when X’Zavier Sharif Davis returned to the residence where he lived with a woman and her three children, the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. Davis is the biological father of two of the three kids, according to the post.

The 26-year-old Newberry man came home in the early morning, and “verbally assault(ed)“ the woman and children because they were sleeping and did not open a locked door, according to the post.

Using a back door, the woman got all three children out of the house and started to drive away before Davis “opened fire with a handgun hitting the car several times,” the sheriff’s office said in the post.

At least one bullet hit the woman, and as she was driving to an area hospital, she discovered her 7-year-old child was also hit by gunfire, according to the post.

After arriving at Newberry County Memorial Hospital, the child was taken to a hospital in Columbia to treat the serious injuries suffered in the shooting, the sheriff’s office said in the post.

Information on the condition of the child and mother was unavailable.

The sheriff’s office said in the post that the 7-year-old was not Davis’ biological child.

Hospital staff called the sheriff’s office, and deputies found Davis was still at the residence, where he had locked himself inside, according to the post. He eventually surrendered “without incident,” and was taken to the Newberry County Detention Center, the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

Davis has been charged with four counts of attempted murder, use of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, jail records show.

He remains behind bars at the detention center after bond was denied on all of the charges, according to jail records.

“It is bad enough for someone to get injured in an act of violence, but when you recklessly shoot into a car occupied by small children, your own children, it is simply despicable,” Newberry Sheriff Lee Foster said in the Facebook post.

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