South Carolina

SC parents: Tell us your experience finding and paying for SC child care


Waiting lists a year long or longer. Tuition costs that equate to a paycheck. Sound familiar?

South Carolina parents, tell us your experiences finding and affording day care for your kids. Take our survey:

Did you find the perfect day care center for your child? Or did you miss out, perhaps because your infant would be a toddler by the time your name came up on the waiting list or because the cost was too high?

Did you rely on community connections to get you a spot somewhere? Were you forced to settle for a day care setting for your child because what you really wanted was unattainable, too expensive, or booked for years?

Let us know.

Jamie Self is a projects reporter writing about health care, education, criminal justice and more. An alum of The State’s politics and State House team, Jamie has won several first place awards for education and government beat reporting and has contributed to wins for political and public service journalism. @jamiemself