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Virginia radio host says a ‘baby shark’ bit her at a North Carolina beach

A radio host from Virginia says she was bitten by a shark at a North Carolina beach.

Melissa Chase says she was playing in the ocean at Sunset Beach with her children on vacation this week when she said she felt “something rubbery” bump into her, she wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

She said she “knew right away it was a shark” and didn’t have a chance to react before she says it bit her ankle.

“The immediate pain felt exactly like you’d think it would when you watch a shark movie and it chomps down - my stomach felt completely nauseous,” she wrote on Facebook.

She and her children got out of the water and onto the beach, where she says her nurse friend helped control the bleeding.

She says she went to the hospital, which confirmed it was a “baby shark” bite but that it “couldn’t tell what kind because the teeth were too small to see the shape.”

Sunset Beach officials told McClatchy they hadn’t heard anything about the incident.

Sunset Beach Fire Department Capt. William Bennett said no one reported a shark bite or called for help from the department, which does beach patrol, or EMS.

“There’s been no talk of it,” he said.

Ken Klaymar, police chief, said the injury is news to the police department as well and that the only thing the department has is a “screenshot of a post from social media.”

He said the department is not planning to investigate or reach out to Chase.

Chase said she was given a tetanus shot at the hospital and had x-rays to check for teeth in the wounds.

“There weren’t but that would have been kinda rad,” she wrote.

She said the outcome was good overall.

“I was super lucky it wasn’t a big shark and beyond thankful it happened to me and not my kids,” she wrote.

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