Colbert Busch releases new ad, Sanford campaign fires back

Elizabeth Colbert Busch's third TV ad in her campaign for the 1st Congressional District was released today, and former Gov. Mark Sanford's campaign takes issue with it.

In the ad, titled "Independent," Colbert Busch says as a single mom to three children, she had to be indepedent and do what was right for them.

"Now I'm going to take that lesson to Congress," she says. "I won't take any special interest pledges or follow party lines."

She goes on to say that government waste and the deficit need to be cut.

Sanford's campaign released the following statement in response to the ad:

"Elizabeth Colbert Busch must have cut this ad before she took tens of thousands of dollars in union special interest money, including from the same folks who tried to ship 1,000 Boeing jobs out of South Carolina and back to the northwest," campaign spokesman Joel Sawyer said. "It's also fairly ironic that she's now against the deficit, after advocating for the trillion dollar, budget-busting, failed stimulus which raised deficits, and for Obamacare, which many argue is one of the biggest tax increases in American history."