Sanford accepts four debate invitations

Former Gov. Mark Sanford has accepted invitations to four forums in his campaign for the 1st Congressional District seat. He will attend:

  • An AARP-hosted debate scheduled for April 17
  • A Patch- and S.C. Radio Network-hosted debate scheduled for April 29
  • A Rotary Club of Charleston debate on April 30
  • A CNN debate also on April 30

Sanford said in a statement he was willing to participate in more debates before the May 7 election. Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch is also running for the seat.

"I look forward to meeting with my opponent to discuss issues that matter to folks across the First District, like what we're going to do to get our fiscal house in order, what is the proper role of government when it comes to jobs and the economy, and how best to address the nation's healthcare challenges," Sanford said in the statement. "During the last several months traveling the First District, what I've heard consistently is that people want to have a real, open, substantive exchange of ideas on these issues and a host of others. I would encourage my opponent to also accept these invitations."