Colbert Busch 'disappointed' by Sanford's comment

Elizabeth Colbert Busch said she is "disappointed" with comments made by Mark Sanford during his acceptance speech Tuesday.

Sanford said, "Right now in essence, we're running against Stephen Colbert." Sanford was referring to Colbert Busch's brother, who hosts Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report."

Colbert Busch responded: "I was disappointed to hear about Mark's comment. He has known me and my work for years. I worked my way up to director of sales and marketing for a major shipping company, and I am now part of a major economy development effort to renovate the Navy yard. If those successes can't convince Mark and his allies that a woman is capable of leading, I don't know what will."

It's the second comment that some are calling sexist.

In a New York Times article this week, Beaufort County GOP Chairman Jerry Hallman said Colbert Busch is competitive, in part, because "she's not a bad looking lady."