Ryan McAvoy questionnaire

Ryan James McAvoy

Age: 31

Numbers of years living in Ward 3: 15

Family: Not provided

Education: Attended the Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio).

Current occupation/employer: Island ambassador, Hilton Head Guest Services.

Employment, military and volunteer history: Not provided.

Unsuccessful bids for public office: Trustee of Oxford Township, Ohio (2005); Town of Hilton Head Island, mayoral write-in candidacy (2010).

Other prior political and government experience: Served as an undergraduate research associate on a 2003 Hanover Township survey on citizen attitudes and public opinion; worked on successful mayoral campaign for William Grace, Elyria, Ohio (1999).

Key endorsements you've received: Every endorsement is key.

Why should people vote for you?

I am an eclectic borrower of ideas, ready to accept any idea, no matter how radical. I will accept it even if it's never been done before. The Town Council fits into my knowledge of demographics and vacationers habits. The enormous faith in myself keeps me going when the going is tough. In pursuing ideas, I am tenacious, often combative, and a formidable adversary who enjoys controversy when it comes to pursuing my ideas. I also understand as Charles Fraser understood, "that risk taking involves uncertainty, that innovation requires the willingness to take chances, to be unconventional. ... In any pioneering endeavor it is injurious to the success of the venture to know too much."

What are the three most important issues you would address if elected?

Hilton Head faces many issues -- runway extension, land management, tourism taxes, recycling -- all are important to the future of our island.

Tourism accounts for two-thirds of our total economic output. The number of annual visitors has been in decline for 13 years. There is a direct correlation between visitors and our home values and quality of life.

Our way of life is good here. The road we take to a better future makes safety our first duty. There is a powerful link between crime rate and property values. To increase property values, we must reduce crime. Low crime rate is not enough. We must strive for zero crime rate that will drastically cut the rate of real estate foreclosures, increase property value and reverse the decline in the number of people who visit the best place to live in the world.

The issue of providing the highest quality education for our children and the necessity for attracting and keeping the best possible teachers in our schools. We will do this by improving both the attitude and actions of the administrators and elected officials in our educational system. I will be an active voice reminding these public servants that their jobs exist for the sole purpose of making it easier for our classroom teachers to educate our children.

What other issues do you see as important?

We need to equalize our development opportunities across the board; not just in a few areas. We have law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who lack basic infrastructure -- specifically, paved roads and sewer systems, right here in a world-class destination. In a word, unacceptable.

What specific steps will you take to make government more open and accessible to the public?

I will lead by example and do everything necessary in this election by stopping those who are trying to end an era where the concerned citizen can still be elected into office without the tune of $25,000. I am fed up with greedy politicians who buy their way into office with money from interest groups who will demand their pound of flesh once these self-serving candidates are put in office. I refuse to buy my way into office. Only the initial $35 filing fee paid to the Town of Hilton Head Island will be used to fund "The People's Campaign to take back our island."

Have you ever been convicted of a crime (felony), been disciplined by a professional licensing board or organization or had an ethics violation filed against you?


Have you ever filed for bankruptcy, been delinquent on your federal, state or local taxes?


Are there any personal details about yourself that voters would be interested in knowing?

I was born on Flag Day with the sand and sea in my blood. The best interest of this island beats in my heart. My pledge to the people of Hilton Head is to listen to you and to focus on your concerns.